Coaching with Chelsea Lea

I help my clients work towards having balance in their life. Giving them the tools to take control of their own well-being without having to give up the things that they love!

How It Works

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We will discuss your goals, your motivations and your barriers, an opportunity for us both to ask questions and decide if we think we’d make a good team




Choose a Coaching Plan

Pick the plan that suits you best.

We can discuss this together if you’re not sure.

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Reach Your Goals

Set your goals, successfully reach them, and be able to maintain them afterwards.  

Learn from mistakes instead of feeling guilty and celebrate your wins, knowing exactly what you did to make it work.

It’s time to take the reigns and  Say goodbye to fad diets.


6 Week Programme

 Perfect if you feel you know how to eat well and know what the basics of nutrition are, but would like to see better results, reach your goals and have accountability.  Small tweaks, optimal results. 

This programme requires a minimum understanding of food and is not recommended for complete beginners.  

More Details
  • £85 for 6 weeks of nutritional guidance (That’s £2 per day) 
  • 2 x Skype sessions
  • Weekly check ins 
  • Goal setting & accountability
  • *Option to extend & add on extra coaching sessions if required. 
  • Access to recipes, blogs & newsletters

1-2-1 Coaching 

Fed up of fad diets not working?

Want to be healthier but find it daunting and confusing?

Then this is the plan for you.

Together we will ensure this is the last diet you’ll ever need to do, setting you up with the knowledge and skills to help you take control and feel the best possible version of you.

More Details
  • Daily support & weekly check in sessions for accountability.
  • Gain nutrition knowledge to help you understand food and build a better diet

  • Create a better relationship with food, make positive lifestyle changes and improve your overall health

  • Learn how to navigate social events and keep them a part of your life

  • Create a healthier home environment, for you and your family.

  • Learn and reflect when things don’t go to plan, rather than feeling like you’ve failed.

  • Become confident in yourself and feel in control your diet forevermore.

£45 per week  

Share the journey

Don’t want to go it alone?

Having someone else along for the ride, whether that’s a housemate or a partner means that you can support each other whilst reaching your individual goals.  

More Details

Getting married? Booked a holiday of a lifetime? Or maybe trying to diet whilst sharing a kitchen just hasn’t worked in the past.  

Allow me to take the stress out of finding meals & recipes to suit you both, with daily support & guidance, we will create a plan that is realistic & completely catered to both of your lifestyles. One that doesn’t result in cooking two meals, one of you being hungry & secret eating when the other person isn’t around. Because lets face it, it doesn’t matter how much you love someone, if you’re not enjoying the food you’re eating, or doing it for the other person rather than yourself, you’re likely to give it up. 

Having someone else to do the programme with can make the journey easier and more enjoyable. You can help each other through the hard days, learn together, be able to  support each others goals & celebrate your wins together. 

Group coaching includes:

  • Weekly/fortnightly check ins and daily support for accountability 
  • Individualised goal setting & planning
  • Build your nutrition knowledge, keep date nights and attend social events without worrying
  • Create a positive relationship with food and a healthier household  



 Health Workshops

Encourage A Healthier Classroom or Work Space 

Empower your staff and students with knowledge and witness the positive impact it will have on them as individuals, as a team, at work and at home.

Any age range, all abilities, any topic

Please get in contact to discuss your ideas and dates in mind.   

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